Tiered Pricing Information

In the past, we priced camp at a rate we thought nearly all campers could afford, but this amount didn't cover the full cost of running camp. Rather than raising all camp fees to levels that fully cover camp expenses - and price camp beyond the means of many campers - we are giving you the option to pay more if you are able.

You know your family's financial situation better than we do. For each of our summer camps, you will find three different camp prices. Please choose the one that best fits your family's ability to pay.

The level you choose is completely confidential and has no impact on the quality of your child's camp experience.

This is the true overall cost of an individual's participation at camp. This covers operational costs, plus staff wages and on-going upkeep to the camp's facilities and equipment.

This mid-range rate doesn't quite meet the true full cost of camp, but does cover the basic operational costs: food, program supplies, utilities, insurance, etc.

This lowest rate is designed to make camp more available to more families, and is separate from our campership program. If this option still does not fit into your family's budget, contact us directly to apply for our campership program.

We are able to offer these options thanks to generous donors who share our vision to keep camp affordable and accessible to as many families as possible. If you are interested in partnering financially in the mission of Eagle Fern Camp, please click here to make a donation. Donations will be used to help fund camperships and special projects around camp.

If you have questions contact Eagle Fern Camp at 503-630-4978.

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