Eagle Fern Camp desires to provide a quality Christian program and facility for children, youth and families in a clean, safe and wholesome environment for the purpose of building the Body of Christ.

We are a Christ-centered, evangelical, nonprofit camping ministry. We believe that Jesus Christ is the "visible image of the invisible God" and that in Him all deity dwells in bodily form. We believe that all scripture is inspired by God and is our final authority for life and faith. We believe that salvation comes through faith alone in Christ alone. In everything we do, our purpose is to glorify Christ and honor His Word.

Eagle Fern Camp began as a vision in the hearts and minds of a few leaders from seven Portland-area Plymouth Brethren churches who had a deep passion for the spiritual development of young people in their community. This passion led to the formation of a camp board of directors in 1952, and on July 4th they broke ground for what is now Eagle Fern Camp. Free use of the land and harvested timber made the construction of the lodge and first of ten cabins possible.

In August of 1953, after an entire year of workdays and meetings, Eagle Fern hosted its first two weeks of camp. With the first 140 eager young campers the stillness of the forest along Eagle Creek was forever broken by songs and laughter.

Although Eagle Fern’s beginnings were simple and rustic, there never seemed to be any shortage of love for one another, the Scriptures, or committing time out at camp improving the facilities. As generous donations and hours of labor were given, Eagle Fern began to take on new shape; winterized cabins, a staff building, a maintenance shop, an infirmary, and shower facilities were added over the years. In 1960, a dam was installed Eagle Creek, creating a swimming hole for campers to play in during the summer.

There seemed to be little standing in the way of progress at the camp in those early days until a tragic fire in 1966 destroyed the old lodge. But like the resilient spirits of its founders, Eagle Fern bounced back and by the summer of 1967 a new and greatly improved lodge was ready for campers once again.

In 1997, a high ropes challenge course and a large, covered recreation center for indoor sports activities and large group gatherings were completed. Since then two new cabins have been built, and a low-element team-building challenge course, a giant swing, and a zipline have been installed. Eagle Fern Camp continues to evolve as people give up time and money to support the ministry.

But Eagle Fern Camp is more than just buildings and swimming’ holes. Camp is people — people who love the Lord and are committed to reaching out to young people for the sake of the gospel. The enduring influence of camp extends far beyond what many of us could ever imagine.

Many lives have been transformed through the ministry of Eagle Fern Camp. In fact, many of the Camp’s present leaders were challenged and encouraged in their faith at Eagle Fern as kids.

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