2017 Programs
Mens Retreat
Apr 28-29 | high school - adult
Day Camp
Jul 3-7 | grades 1-3
Intermediate Camp
Jul 9-14 | grades 3-4
HiAdventure Camp
Jul 16-21 | grades 9-13
Girls Camp
Jul 16-22 | grades 5-6
High School Camp
Jul 23-29 | grades 10-13
Jr High Girls Camp
Jul 30 - Aug 5 | grades 7-9
Jr High Boys Camp
Aug 6-12 | grades 7-9
Boys Camp
Aug 13-19 | grades 5-6
Girls Horse Camp I
Jul 30 - Aug 3 | grades 7-9
Girls Horse Camp II
Aug 6-9 | grades 5-6
Horse Camp (Mom/Daughter)
Aug 10-12 | grades 5-9
Girls Horse Camp III
Aug 14-18 | grades 6-7
TCL Alpha
Jul 3-22 | grades 10-13
TCL Omega
Jul 30 - Aug 19 | grades 10-13
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Volunteers form the majority of the summer program staff here at Eagle Fern. They know that volunteering at camp is an exciting and rewarding experience. The experience will both challenge and build your own relationship with God and give you the opportunity to share Jesus' love with campers and transform lives for God's glory.

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Fred Meyer Community Rewards
February 24, 2016 | by Milt

Have you heard about our Fred Meyer Community Rewards program? So far we've received over $650.00 in rewards checks from the Fred Meyer Community Rewards program, and that's with only 33 families who are currently participating! It's easy to get started, especially if you're already a Fred Meyer customer and use your rewards card when you shop there. It won't cost you a thing, you'll still get all the reward points you've earned from your purchases! Just log in to your Fred Meyer account and tell them where you want the money to go...it really is that simple!

I wonder what might happen if we had 60 families who partnered with us this way!